Research Projects

Consumers in Extended Producer Responsibility

This project examines the role of the consumer under the present and soon-to-be-replaced extended producer responsibility system in Southern Ontario.

Proteinization and Proteinscapes in the Anthropocene

This project considers how the current emphasis on protein and the valourization of animal protein in particular in the diets of a growing number of consumers intersects with the current rapidly growing array of “new proteins” (plant, insect, and in vitro). The North American “proteinscape” is in flux, and along with these new proteins come possible discursive fault lines. As such new proteins serve as a vector through which to query the various ways sustainability and ethics are defined, and the future discursive struggles new proteins may be ushering in. The central question of this study is what types of discursive struggles emerge in and constitute the dynamics of the proteinscape of the Anthropocene? Parts of this project are being conducted in conjunction with the Plant-based Proteins Research and Teaching group at the Pennsylvania State University.

On the side

Learning PHP and SQL

When I can’t sleep I’m learning PHP and mySQL. I am very interested in web and software development, and PHP and SQL seem like reasonable places to get my foot in this door as a hobby. Additionally, as someone pursuing a career in research, managing data of all kinds is imperative and the idea of homegrown methods for managing data is compelling.


As part of learning PHP and SQL I spent no small amount of time on HTML and CSS. Having now obtained an intermediate level of competence in these domains I am regularly trying out small front-end web exercises to practice and hone my use of these languages.