In Preparation

  • Lougheed, Scott Cameron. "Indeterminacy, biopolitics, and internalizing contaminated food"
  • Lougheed, Scott Cameron. "'The warm blanket of public health': Relating to disease during food safety enforcement"
  • Chiles, Robert M; Lougheed, Scott Cameron. "Negotiating legitimacy: Neoliberal and agrarian strategies in resolving the enigma of animal welfare"

Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

Conference Presentations

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  • Lougheed, Scott Cameron. (2016). "The wastes of biopolitical food safety governance". American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, San Francisco California.
  • Lougheed, Scott Cameron. (2015). “Data Management: Not a waste of time”. Second Annual Data Day, Queen’s University Library. Kingston, Ontario.
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  • Lougheed, Scott Cameron. (2013) “The Value of Whey: Networks and Social Lives of Things.” Third International Conference on Food Studies, Austin TX.