WeatherBar Beta Builds



A minor update with a few quality of life improvements, especially for dark mode users. Some long-awaited features (e.g., displaying conditions in the menu bar) are in the works, but will likely be released alongside a complete refactoring of the application. I expect this next major update to be a ways off. In the meantime I may release some minor updates or address serious show-stoppers if they are reported. There is also some doubt about the future of WeatherBar. The weather service WeatherBar relies on is shutting down next year. Alternatives exist but as far as I have seen these other services are priced too high to make a smaller-scale application like this sustainable. In the meantime, please keep using, testing, and enjoying WeatherBar.

Release Notes

  • The interface now appears instantly when the icon is clicked. No more sluggish animation.
  • Fixed an issue where certain glyphs would not render correctly in dark mode.



Known Issues

  • Speed of the reveal animation when clicking on the menu bar icon is too slow

Release Notes

  • Added “Start at login” feature and preference in Settings (#13)
  • Added mph and kph to the unit selector in Settings to make clear that wind speed units follow temperature units. (#18)
  • In the forecast table, high and low temperatures have been moved to the right side to make it easier to find (#7)
  • Set minimum supported OS version to 10.13 to accommodate users of older operating systems (#20)
  • Adjusted size and style of “Powered by DarkSky” button in Settings to be a bit more subtle
  • Added version and build number to Settings screen
  • Reorganized Settings screen to make it more visually balanced and accommodate new settings

Focus areas

  • Does the app respect your preference for “Start at login”
  • Does the app display correct location and weather data after you log in or restart your system?