Recall These Thoughts

Scott Lougheed


I am currently a Solutions Architect at 1Password.

As a human

I am an enthusiastic cook and bread baker, a freelance sound engineer, and tech hobbiest. You may also see me riding my bike around town, fussing over coffee, reading sci-fi, fantasy, and lit-fic, learning improv comedy; and playing guitar badly.


Once upon a time, I was an environmental social scientist, though I am no longer employed in academia or as a researcher. Most recently I was a postdoctoral fellow in Geography and Planning at the University of Toronto. Prior to that I was a visiting scholar in the department of Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education at the Pennsylvania State University. I earned my PhD from the School of Environmental Studies at Queen’s University, Kingston. I also hold Master’s (Queen’s University) and Bachelor’s (University of Victoria) degrees in Sociology.

I still like to nerd out about ontology, governance, and science and technology studies, when the mood strikes.

Query? Please feel free to contact me by email.